Fire Truck Refurbishing

Today fire truck refurbishing is an economical solution to upgrade and extend the life of fire equipment, cost savings are significant compared to purchasing new. Colden Enterprises, Inc Fire Truck Refurbishing service will provide the fire customer with a complete survey of the piece of equipment to be refurbished, together with a financial analyses will enable the customer to make an educated decision to refurbish or purchase new.
Colden Enterprises, inc. provides complete fire truck refurbishing services, antique restorations, collision, repaint and compartment reconfiguration.
Fire truck refurbishing requires faculties, equipment and trained techs performing many disciplines such as body work, welding and fabrication, sandblasting, electrical wiring, lighting, plumbing, hydraulics, painting and decaling.

Two modern and certified paint booths are ready for action.

Certified PPG paint technicians restore your vehicle from the ground up.

ETV certified technicians reassemble and repair all mechanical areas. 

For a better than new finished product you can be proud of.
Congratulations to the Bowmansville Volunteer Fire Association on the restoration of their 1928 Buffalo Fire Appliance pumper.